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COVID-19 Schedule Update

Update on Service times and Schedules during the COVID-19 situation

A Message from the Pastor:

I hope you guys are ready, I know I am. I can’t wait to see everyone again! Sunday ,May 31st at 11:00am, we will be holding in person services again on campus. For the next for weeks we will continue to meet on Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM. I will update everyone as we feel it is time to resume other meetings through out the week. I can’t wait to see what God will do as we meet together on this Pentecost Sunday. We will be doing all that we can to keep everyone safe and comfortable as we meet in person again this week. Although no one can ever guarantee, we will be doing our best to minimize the chances of a communicable sickness being passed around. We will be taking several precautions to ensure a safe environment on Sunday and ask that you please assist us with these:

  1. If you feel sick or have been sick with a fever for the past 2 weeks or have been exposed to someone who has been sick please do not come on campus and please join us online. 
  2. When you arrive we ask that you do not use the front parking lot unless you are in need of special assistance getting into the building. For those not requiring assistance, please use the other parking lot and follow the directions from the attendants in the parking lot
  3. As you enter someone will screen you with contactless temperature checks, someone will then escort you in the auditorium and help you find a seat that will comply with social distant requirements, Please if all possible try not to leave and reenter the building. 
  4. Mask and sanitizer will be available for those who need it.
  5. The coffee bar and water fountains will be closed, we will have bottles of water available upon request. you are welcome to bring your own coffee as long as it has a lid 
  6. Certain bathrooms will marked as closed. Please use the bathroom that is near the sanctuary. 
  7. Nursery will be open on a as needed basis only, no one will be staffing the nursery, and we ask that you fully sanitize the nursery when finished using. 
  8. Offering plate will not be passed during the service. We encourage you to give online through our website or there will be a drop off location at the Welcome Center where you are welcome to leave the envelope on your way out. 
  9. We do ask that you please ask and respect others wishes, some my be more at risk then others and feel a greater need to strictly social distant themselves. Please work with us to make sure we worship together in the safest environment as possible. Anyone that’s high risk or not comfortable attending at this time we understand if you elect to stay home and welcome you online. 

Please know that this has been hard on me being distant from everyone and I would love to come visit and see everyone but also want to be respectful of others wishes. Please know that I have been praying fo you and your family during this time and look forward to the things God has for us as a church in the future 

Below are a list of questions that will help you determine if you should attend an in person meeting. 

1. Have you traveled outside of the United States in the last 14 days?

2. Have you been in contact with someone who has traveled outside of the United States and is now sick?


3. Have you had contact with anyone known to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days?


4. Have you been told by a public health official that you may have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19)?


5. Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days?

• Fever greater than 100

• Difficulty breathing

• Cough

• Loss of taste or smell